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Nos employés- Votre hôte

Notre objectif n'a pas changé depuis 1852-nos hôtes doivent ressentir une véritable hospitalité et repartir avec le sourire au cœur.

Les valaisans disaient, traduit du bon allemand : " Nous sommes attachés à l'ancien et sommes ouverts à tout ce qui est nouveau."

Cette citation nous convient parfaitement ! Architecture moderne, mais confortable. Nouvelles techniques, mais avec un clin d'œil humain.




Welcome to our hotel!

Our motto is - friendly and more,
a family owned hotel since 1852

  • Hotel Weisses Kreuz is the leading group hotel between the Arlberg and Lake Constance.
  • We also attract business travellers and guests booked individually through travel agencies.
  • We have an excellent working relationship between staff and management, which benefits both our hotel team and our guests alike.
  • Our staff should and do carry responsibilities and make decisions.
  • Fairness is a prerequisite in all our dealings. We value all our staff and guests equally, regardless of gender, origin or religion.
  • We have a right to be proud of our Hotel Weisses Kreuz.
  • We want to be one step ahead. So we're always keen to feature new ideas, offers and products.
  • Further training is indispensable - especially with regards to the management team
  • We like to see our guests smile.
  • We want our business to be run sustainably, and are committed to using all resources sparingly, and to
  • the responsible purchasing of food products, paper, cleaning materials and furnishings.
  • We carefully control the production methods and origins of all the products we use.

Le management

Thomas Herburger

Marlene Hummer
Responsable Réception & Marketing

Roland Winkler
Responsable Restaurant & Bar

Sonja Mostögel

Yusuf Dala
Chef de cuisine


Das Management

Hotel Weisses Kreuz
Königshofstr. 2
6800 Feldkirch

T +43 5522 3456





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